Learning Process

Currently Communication already has a computer Lab, the facility is not sufficient because of the number of students, the University provides computer lab facilities in the Bureau of Information Systems consisting of 6 classes @ 50 PC. In addition Prodi Science Communication also has some facilities that support the learning process in the classroom, including:

  1. Each classroom of Prodi IK UMY is provided Audio visual set (Audio system set, LCD) to support learning activities both in class and out of class (audioconference and Teleconference).
  2. Available TV monitors outside the classroom to assist students and lecturers in knowing the schedule of activities.
  3. In each class is available Wifi with the power connection bandwidth of 2 MB
  4. Hotspot throughout the campus area through “UMYFirst!” With the power of 5 MB of bandwidth connection

In the process of practicum learning, Prodi Communication Sciences UMY also has facilities in each laboratory.

  1. Communication Laboratory: CPU, Monitor, Printer, Active Speaker, Radio Program Production Table, Sofa Chair and Table, AC, Keyboard, Scanner, etc.
  2. Television Laboratory: Yamaha MG 16 / 6FX Mixer, Yamaha MG 82CX Mixer, Microphon, UPS Prolink Pro 650S, etc.
  3. Radio Laboratory: TV Flat 42 Inc, Active Speaker, Studio Lamp, AC, etc.
  4. Laboratory Editing Graphics and Animation: Computers, Flat TV Samsung 52, AC, etc.
  5. Multimedia Laboratory: LCD, AC, Computer, etc.

In addition, there are e-learning for students is at http://learning.socpol.umy.ac.id  then can directly open the page from Prodi Science Communication.