Students Community

Communities in Communication Studies include Cinema Communication (CIKO),  Fotography Communication (FOTKA 053), Ikom Radio 107,7 FM, Writting Community (KUMIS), and PRedator. From each student oraganization has provided adequate budget, room, and facilites.

  1. Cinema Communication (CIKO) a film community that focuses on film production and appreciation. This community also often follow the race to try their ability at regional, national to international level.
  2. Fotography Communication (FOTKA 053), thw work of student who are members of this community also often register the result of his work in photo exihibitions held others photo community for the actualization and exsistence of self as a photographer artist.
  3. Ikom Radio 107,7 FM as a forum for communication student practice in radio or knowledge about radio industry.
  4. Community Writting (KUMIS) community that accomodate students in the writting world. In collaboration with several local newspapers in Yogyakarta, this community regulary sends his work to be published in the newspaper.
  5. PRedator as a community that accomodates students, especially students who tkae concentration of public relations. This community prepares its members to be ready to compete in the Public Relations event as well ad share the latest Public Relations materials.